EFCE Process Safety Award

The EFCE Excellence Award in Process Safety is presented every 3rd year to a young scientiest, who has recently completed outstanding work in the area of process safety. The presentation takes place during the triannual Loss Prevention Symposia, and the award consist of a plaque and/or certificate, a cash award of 1500€, and a  travel grant - not exceeding 500€ - to attend the Loss Prevention Symposium, where the award will be presented. 

The first EFCE Excellence Award in Process Safety was presented at the 13th Loss Prevention Symposium in Brugge during an evening reception at the Town Hall of Brugge in the Brugge Council Chambers. 

Nominations for the EFCE Excellence Award in Process Safety may be submitted by Ph.D. supervisors at a PhD-awarding institution in an EFCE member country or Members of a national or regional member association of EFCE. One one nomination can be submitted by any one person. The nominated Ph.D. thesis or publication must address a topic relevant to the field of Process Safety, and must have been published within the three calendar years preceeding the the closing date of nominations. For a Ph.D. thesis work the thesis must have been accepted, defended and the degree awarded. Self-nominations are not accepted.


Nominations should be submitted as PDF files via email to the "EFCE Safety Award Committee"   (honndorf@dechema.de). Nominations should be submitted as a single package (ZIP-file or PDF-file) and must contain the following
            • Name & address of nominator
            • Title of the publication
            • Date work commenced
            • Two letters of recommendation (no more than two pages each) from two independent referees outlining the key contribution to Process Safety and stating clearly why the contribution is considered to be truly outstanding and thus deserving the Award.
  • In case of nominating a PhD Thesis: An extended abstract in English (maximum 10 pages) containing the following information: summary, problem addressed, state of the art, key innovations, applications / implementations/results, references.
  • Upon request: A copy of the Thesis, as published (this will be returned after the evaluation is completed, on request)
All of the above documentation must be submitted together as a complete package. Except for the PhD-thesis, all   other documents should be submitted electronically. PhD-thesis should be sent only when requested. Nominations which do not conform to these requirements will be rejected.


Nominations must be submitted by the supervisor to reach the WP Loss Prevention, without fail, no later than  October 31st of the year before the Loss Prevention Symposium. Late nominations will be rejected. For LP 2016 the deadline is October 31st, 2015.

The evaluation will be a two-step process:
  • Step 1: a sub-committee of the EFCE Loss Prevention Working Party will review all the eligible nominations and produce a short-list of up to 5 candidates
  • Step 2: The EFCE Loss Prevention Working Party will review the short-listed candidates and make the final decision by November 30th of the year before the Loss Prevention Symposium.
The decisions of these committees are final and no discussions of any kind will be entered into. Candidates will be informed of the results at least 2 months before the relevant awards event. The successful candidate will be invited to make a presentation at the Loss Prevention Symposium at which the Award is presented. The  presentation will be published in the processing of the Symposium.

The decision of the Working Party must be confirmed by a EFCE subcomittee. This should happen by January 31st the year of the Loss Prevention Symposium.