2nd EFCE Excellence in Process Safety Award

The second
Excellence Award in Process Safety was presented to Sofia Carnevali at a special session during the 14th Loss Prevention Symposium in Florence, Italy. The picture to the right shows the WP chairman Eddy de Rademaker introducing the award recipient and explaining to the ordiense, while this was the chosen candidate. Meanwhile the candidate waited patiently on one of the first rows.

The award was given for a Ph.d.-thesis on theoretical and experimental work on the reaction between water and sodium. Sofia's work could be useful in the scientific study of other violent chemical reactions. The work focused on the sodium-water reaction, which is important in the design of fourth generation nuclear reactors - also called breeder reactors - which use molten sodium as the primary coolant of the reactor core. Sofia's work has significant relevance for the nuclear industry. The new experimental equipment created shows Sofia's innovative engineering thinking in design of laboratory equipment. Sofia is Italian and her Ph.d.-studies were performed at Université de Technologie de Compiégne, France under the supervision of professor Christophe Proust, professor Pierre Guigon and engineer Michel Socille.

On the picture on the right the candidate is surrounded by from left to right: WP Loss Prevention Chaiman Edde de Rademaker from Belgium, local organizing committee chairman Bruno Fabioano, André Laurent and the chairman of the scientific committee.