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What is the Working Party on Loss Prevention?

The Working Party on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries - or just the Working Party on Loss Prevention (WP LP) is a group under the European Federation of Chemical Engineers which aims to promote safety and loss prevention in the process industries, at a European level, by exchanging information and stimulating the development of new methods and the dissemination of data, which may reduce the risk of fires, explosions and loss of containment in our industries. 

The WP LP can have two members from each European country with a national engineering association, which is a member of the EFCE. The members organize a scientific symposium every 3 years in a European country, and usually meets for two business meetings each year.

Recent WP News

  • Changes to this site upcoming Gary Pilkington of APEX is taking over as webmaster. The reason for the change, is that since the post symposium WP LP meeting in Firenze I, Niels Jensen, have not ...
    Posted 30 Apr 2018, 10:39 by Niels Jensen
  • Loss Prevention 2016: Register now to get your name on the list of participants! Loss Prevention 2016 (5 - 8 June, 2016 in Freiburg/Germany) is the international meeting point for process safety experts. With speakers from 26 countries and participants from all over Europe ...
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  • Presentation you don't want to miss at LP2016: Gas-Phase Detonations in Pipes [LP2016 preview] Gas-Phase Detonations in Pipes: The 8 Possible Different Pressure Scenarios and their Static Equivalent Pressures! Results of a thorough experimental work at BASF The unexpected large number ...
    Posted 8 Apr 2016, 06:43 by Niels Jensen
  • 92nd WP Loss Prevention business meeting at DECHEMA offices in Frankfurt The secretary of the WP Loss Prevention have today confirmed, that the 92nd WP Loss Prevention business meeting will take place at the offices of DECHEMA on Tuesday, February 2nd ...
    Posted 10 Nov 2015, 07:31 by Niels Jensen
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One step further towards next years conference at WP meeting near Leverkusen

Preparations for the 15h EFCE Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries in Freiburg, Germany in 2016 took one major step forward at the recent WP business meeting near Leverkusen. 

The WP performed the final evaluation of several hundreds of contributions to next years triannual symposium. So when you read this a message about your contribution should be on the way to you. 

However, that does not mean the WP stops working. Currently a sub-committee is busy evaluating the applicants for next years Excellence in Process Safety Award. The winner will receive free conference attendance and an opportunity to dissiminate the results of her/his hard work.

Details about the symposium are available at: www.lp2016.eu.

Safety is success by purpose – Not Accident

Discover how at Loss Prevention in June 2016, the international event with speakers from 26 countries.

Loss Prevention 2016 is the international meeting point for process safety experts. With speakers from 26 countries and participants from all over Europe and beyond, the conference offers a unique forum for learning, discussion and networking.  Loss Prevention 2016 takes place 5-8 June, 2016 in Freiburg (Germany); more than 340 participants have already registered. 
Loss Prevention 2016 sets the spotlight on the practical aspects of safety in the process industries covering all expert areas of plant and process safety. Session topics include: 
  • Simulation and Modeling 
  • Process Safety Engineering 
  • Fires and explosions 
  • Human and organizational factors 
  • Management and communication of Risk and Safety 
  • Learning from accidents 
  • Regulatory 
Issues Keynote and plenary lectures, special topics, poster presentations and an industry exhibition showcasing practical applications provide plenty of information and food for thought to industry experts, safety engineers, technology and services providers as well as associations and policy makers. 

Loss Prevention 2016 is an event of the EFCE Working Party on Loss Prevention organized by DECHEMA. Programme, more information and registration at www.dechema.de/en/lossprevention2016.html.

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3rd EFCE Excellence Award in Process Safety to be presented in Freiburg this year

The EFCE board approved an Excellence Award in Process Safety in 2009. The third award will be presented at a special session during the 15th Symposium in Freiburg, Germany later this year in June.

The second Excellence Award in Process Safety was presented to Sofia Carnevali at a special session during the 14th Loss Prevention Symposium in Florence, Italy. The picture shows the WP chairman Eddy de Rademaker presenting the award to the winner.

The award was given for a Ph.d.-thesis on theoretical and experimental work on the reaction between water and sodium. Sofia's work could be useful in the scientific study of other violent chemical reactions. The work focused on the sodium-water reaction, which is important in the design of fourth generation nuclear reactors - also called breeder reactors - which use molten sodium as the primary coolant of the reactor core. Sofia's work has significant relevance for the nuclear industry. The new experimental equipment created shows Sofia's innovative engineering thinking in design of laboratory equipment. Sofia is Italian and her Ph.d.-studies were performed at Université de Technologie de Compiégne, France under the supervision of professor Christophe Proust, professor Pierre Guigon and engineer Michel Socille.

The Excellence in Process Safety Award is given every three years based on recent contributions to process safety. The contributions has to have a European connection, which means either the candidate must be European, or the work must have been performed in Europe. Read more about the award here -->