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This page provides links to other important sites that are useful for work on loss prevention and safety promotion.
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CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety of the AIChE. Note subpage about process safety metrics reporting under books, software and databases. http://www.aiche.org/ccps 
CSB - Chemical Safety Board in USA provides accident investigation reports and videos. This site may give problems in IE.  http://www.csb.gov/ 
EPSC - European Process Safety Centre promotes process safety among European industry.  http://www.epsc.org/ 
ESCIS - Expert Commission for Safety in the Swiss Chemical Industry. ESCIS promotes safety in the chemical industry and endeavors to recognize safety problems at an early stage and to take action to reduce the risks as far as possible. ESCIS continuously improves and extends the methods and instruments for recognizing and estimating risks and provides safety training material and brochures on process safety. http://www.escis.ch/seiten/english/framesets/aufgaben.htm 
EU-OSHA - European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.  http://osha.europa.eu/en 
European Web Portal for Process Safety. Contains the outcome of an EU project including access to tools such as the Dow CEI and the Dow F&EI (Search for Dow) http://www.safety-s2s.eu/ 
HSE - Health and Safety Executive of the UK government provide many ressoruces related to both occupational safety and process safety for small and large corporations. http://www.hse.gov.uk/ 
ISC – IChemE Safety Centre is a global industry driven member organisation focused on improving process safety through engagement across all stakeholders in process safety, including academia, regulatory authorities, operators and consultants. http://www.ichemesafetycentre.org/ 
MAHB - Major Accident Hazards Bureau at EU's JRC at Ispra provides information and guidance on Seveso directives. https://minerva.jrc.ec.europa.eu/en/minerva 
Pressure equipment and gas appliances of EC Enterprise and Industry http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/pressure-gas/ 
ProcessNet Incident database - an initiative of Dechema - has a searchable database of past accidents. http://www.processnet.org/en/incident_db.html 
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