There are a number of periodicals of interest to professionals with the loss prevention and safety promotion are. Here the WP Loss Prevention provides links to some of these periodicals. I you believe, that we should consider including other periodicals in the list, then send an e-mail to with your suggestion.

Loss Prevention Bulletin

The Loss Prevention Bulletin is published by the IChemE in the United Kingdom. The Loss Prevention Bulletin (LPB) is a major source of safety case studies for th eprocess industries. Click on the link to go to the homepage of this publication.

Process Safety and Environment Protection

Process Safety and Environment Protection (PSEP) is also published by the IChemE, and it focuses on how the process industries address process safety and environmental protection in a scientifci and responsible way. PSEP contains both experimental and theoretical research, offering new perspectives on established principles. Also special issues are published throughout the year, dedicated to key themes and conferences. Click on the link to go to the homepage of this publication.

Process Safety Progress

Process Safety Progress (PSP) is published by the AIChE, and it addresses a wide range of critical topics, from incident investigations and hazardous chemicals management to plant security and preventive maintenance. Experts who've been there share their lessons learned. And, you'll also and find useful tips on OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance.