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Opening of LP 2013 focused on challenges facing process safety

posted 26 May 2013, 03:37 by Niels Jensen   [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 04:12 ]
WP Chairmans welcome
In his opening of the 14th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion on Monday, May 13th, the chairman of the Working Party on Loss Prevention focused on the challenges facing the industry as the we celebrate the 40th year of Working Party on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries and the 60th anniversary of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. These challenges are:
  • The loop from operational experience back to design has not been closed sufficiently.
  • To few methods help make plant operations safer.
  • Development of sufficiently detailed models for development of emergency response planning.
  • Evolutionary changes in industry, society and technology, could lead to new hazardous event scenarios that are much more relation to organization, safety culture and lack of knowledge and awareness.
During the following 2½ days several presentations focused on learning from operational experience and especially learning from accident, and other presentation focused on how to create and maintain a safety culture. 

The symposium attracted about 300 participants almost equally divided among industry, academia and consultants. Keynote presentations focused on hot issues such as dust explosions, standards and the research agenda for process safety. Pictures from the symposium will shortly be available in the Photo Gallery. Credit for the photo in this news items goes to Prof. Martin Pitt.

Among the more then 300 participants most came from Germany followed by Italy and France. However, there were only two participants from China and South Korea. The Italians contributed the most papers followed by the Germans and the French. The working party conducted a preliminary review of the conference at the post-symposium business meeting, and a number of suggestions were passed to the Germany organizers of the 2016 conference.