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Review of papers submitted for LP 2016 are in progress

posted 27 Sep 2015, 02:16 by Niels Jensen   [ updated 20 Oct 2015, 02:29 ]
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Members of the scientific committee for LP 2016 in Freiburg have started the review of the the full papers submitted for LP 2016. The scientific committee members have until October 18th to complete their reviews, and then a final decision about each paper is done at the fall business meeting of the work group. This allow authors to be notified about about possible adjustment of their work and submit final print ready versions at the deadline published on LP 2016 web-site.

As a member of the WP I have not completed the review of the papers assigned to be. Performing the reviews have as usual been a very good use of my time. I have learned quite a bit, and I think the attendees at next years LP 2016 can look forward to some excellent contributions in focus areas such as the competences of industrial practitioners of process safety and how universities can contribute to improvements.